AutoImmune Disease

Autoimmune disease includes chronic ailments like rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, celiac disease, diabetes, psoriasis, cardiovascular disease, thyroid disease such as graves or hashimoto’s, dementia, alzheimer’s and even in some cases, depression and suicide.

5 step plan to move foward.

Start your integration with a plan. Dr. Laura M. Brown, ND is a catylst for change and she will help reduce the energy it will take for you to adopt new habits. You may start with the following:

1. Get a proper diagnosis.  Collect and organize a personal medical file including your laboratory tests, imaging, pathology reports, and medical reports.  

2. Keep a calendar of all medical appointments, alternative healthcare appointments, social engagements, exercise regime, and track how you are feeling. Include your sleep and bowel habits, and diet diary.

3. Discuss your health habits with your naturopathic physician. There will be steps to help you adjust. In all cases you will need reduce sugar and refined starches, increase protein, incorporate good fats, increase fibre and supply lots of antioxidants. 

4. Do not self treat. This includes advice from unlicensed people, family, internet sources, or even practitioners who only know part of your history. It's alright to listen to what others have to share, just don't implement until you have discussed its safety and efficacy with your licensed healtcare team. 

5. Chose a team of healthcare experts who are willing to work together. Co-ordination and communication is key.  You need someone who knows what is what. Natural products are not placebos, they do have efficacy and when prescribed in the right dose to the right person at the right time, they can be highly effective.

5. Return for regular follow-up appointments. Your response to therapy and the therapy itself can vary over time. Often there are simple solutions available to retain a decent quality of life. Don't be shy, ask!