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Naturopathic Medicine takes into consideration all aspects of your being. We take into account how you live your life day to day, where you live and the social, chemical and environmental impacts. We look at what you do and what you have tried to alleviate your current health condition. We want to know what happens with the inputs into your body - food, air, water, supplements, medications, toxins, emotions. We wish to evaluate the patterns of how you assimilate, transport, transform and eliminate all of these forms of input. This means we look at digestion, how nutrients are absorbed and transformed and how well your body's defense and repair mechanisms work. 

The totality of the information you provide gives Dr. Laura the details for her to evaluate both microscopically (see the small scale of what's going on) and macroscopically (observe the patterns the body has established in its current state). What you are unsure of, leave blank and we can go over it together. 

As a new patient, it will take about 30 minutes for you to complete the initial intake form. Please be as honest and forthcoming as you can. There is no judgment of where you are at today. You are here because you recognize there might be a better way to care for yourself. You are not your disease. You are you. With the changes and challenges life throws our way, we do the best we can with what we know at the time. 

Time with Dr. Laura M. Brown, ND will provide you better insight, education and methods to help bring you to a better level of health.

Congratulations on taking the initiate to a more healthful, natural life. 

Please contact the clinic, Forward Health at 519.829.7973 to set up your appointment and recieve your intake forms. 


Insurance Claims

 Please check with your individual / group plan for your specific coverage. Naturopathic Services are covered by most health benefit plans.