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More Skills, Less Pills

Sometimes the brain can grow comfortable with common emotional experiences, even if they are stressful or negative. There is a dynamic interaction among the brain, the heart, nervous system, hormones, and yes, also our emotions. In order to shift our experience to a more positive state, we need to replace old unhealthy patterns with new healthier ones.

This is why Dr. Laura is introducing this new series for positive health change.

Relax Pack – 5 Week Program to Reduce Stress:

Useful for athletes, artists and professionals  to get “in the flow”; helpful for students to increase focus and concentration and acts as a tool for those struggling with anxiety, depression and emotional regulation.

A value of over $400 is offered to you for $250. If you or your spouse or parent has employee benefits, naturopathic services may be covered under your plan. Check it out! Rates are valid from September through December, 2016. Details below.

Shift your physiology from stress & anxiety to calm + energy.


Details : Relax Pack – 5 Week Program to Reduce Stress

  1.  Start with a full one hour naturopathic intake ($160): There are forms to fill out in advance to help make our time together more effective. This will provide a global perspective on your health history, your family medical history, a record of your existing supplements and medications, collection of physical symptoms of pain, fatigue, stress, review of any recent laboratory or imaging, and what you may have tried in the past that has worked or not worked so well. In this intake, we will take a heart rate variability base line measurement. If you are an existing patient with Dr. Laura M. Brown, ND then you have already met step 1.
  1. Weekly 15 minute sessions for 4 weeks. Over the course of the four weeks, we will train your brain and your heart to intentionally stimulate a positive emotional shift.  Progressive coherence techniques will be shared to help you learn how to make more conscious choices. Additionally, in each session resources and personal practice guidance will be made available to you on the three pillars of diet, sleep and exercise. Biofeedback using the HeartMath Emwave Pro device will help track and monitor your individual progress. Heart rate variability is a key measurement of health.  Each session cost of $22.50 ( value of 4 x $45=$180 ).  

Sessions must be completed within a 2 month time frame from initial appointment for the special rate to apply. (I recognize that weekly appointments are not always feasible). This helps to ensure frequent interactions for optimal skill acquisition.

  1. During these 4 sessions, either a 50mL tincture or two homeopathic pouches individually prescribed, will be made available to you. (Value of $10)

For a limited time, this all will be available for $250. Pay as you go.

At any time, during or after the initial program, additional 15minute sessions available at $45 or 30 minute sessions are available at $75 each.

When you call to book your appointment (519) 826-7973 you are provided with the necessary intake forms for your first appointment.