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Links to local, techinical, tasty and helpful resources to be explored and used at your own risk. 

Below are links to websites or aps my patients or myself have found useful or educational. The information may be very focussed or very general.  Please note I may not agree with everything another author promotes and by no means does this constitute health care advice. 

For individual assistance for what may be right for you right now, please come to see me or your health care practitioner to help you zero in on how you may achieve the best results in the best timeframe. 

 Wellness Support in Guelph

Forward Health - South end Guelph's Premiere Wellness Centre. Corner of Gordon and Kortright. Practice location for Dr. Laura M. Brown, ND. Naturopathic Dispensary, Customized Botanical Tinctures, Homeopathic Prescribing, Acupuncture, Cupping, HeartMarth Stress Intervention, Food Sensitivity Testing, Comprehensive stool, blood and urine analysis, ear lavage. Dr. Phil McAllister provides custom orthotics, prescription compression stockings and neuromuscular programing. Dr. Drew Smith Provides RockTaping and traditional chiropractic care. Rick, Lisa and Rebecca provide therapeutic and relaxation registered massage therapy.

Nature's Signature - (located inside Metro's Grocery Store), corner of Edinburgh and Stone, Guelph - Natural Health Dispensary

Goodness Me! - Corner of Wellington and Gordon, Guelph. Natural Health, Grocery, Cafe and Teaching Centre

Body of Health - North end, Willow Rd. Mall- small but mighty supplement supply store

New Age - Downtown Guelph - large selection and great prices

Stone Store - Downtown Guelph Traditional Health food shoppe and supplement supply

Good Health Mart - North East end of Guelph - Supplement Supply Store

Rowe's Farms - South end near corner of Gordon and Kortright. Hormone free, responsibly raised pork, chicken, beef and fish. Small organic grocery and BBQ accessories.



BMI calculator

Framingham Risk - Cardiovascular Event Risk Calculator

David Suzuki's guide to dirty cosmetics

World Health Organization's Tools for Health

Beck Depression Inventory

Donna Eden's tapping: simple ways to reset scrambled energy

Ujjayi Breathing technique from Yoga Glo 


Technology - Apps

Sleep: 16 best reviewed by Healthline

Exercise: PC Mag review of the 25 best fitness aps

Food: Dirty Dozen for iPhone, Dirty Dozen for Android

Menstruation trackers: Clue, iperiod, Period Diary, plus more in Women's Health review and Refinery


Chemicals: Think Dirty Shop Clean

Breast cancer: Healthline's top 15


Tasty things

Guide to Eating Ontario Sports Fish

Wallet card for Guide to Mercury in Fish

Balanced Bites - glucose controlled eating

AutoImmune Diet-  Root Cause Recipe Meal Planning, The AutoImmune Solution by Dr. Amy Myers

Gluten Free Living Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH)

Mediterranean Diet

Paleo Diet, The Paleo Mom Recipes & Tips

Tone It Up recipes

Nourished Kitchen

Austism Diet

Anti cancer diet from WebMD

Ultimate Candida Diet


Benificial Blogs from the Industry

The Immune System Recovery Plan

The Paleo Brain

Dr. Todd LePine MD

Dr. Doni, ND

The Thyroid Pharmacist

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD


Functional Medicine Podcasts with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, ND