What is your purpose to thrive?

When the soul is satisfied, you can experience joy, peace, love, compassion and forgiveness.

Just as we understand how physical exercise can clear our mind, how food can affect our physical function, and how emotional states can adversely affect our physical health, it is beneficial to recognize how our body, mind and spirit interact. Do you know what draws the spirit or life force into your being, what drains it and how to retrieve it when it is lost?

Spirituality means many things to many people. Naturopathic doctors often refer to The Vis Medicatrix Naturae, others may call it Qi or shen, God, Holy Spirit, the Universe, Intelligent presence, Christ consciousness, the Truth, Buddha mind, the Divine, enlightenment… and the list goes on.

We tend to know when one is filled with spirit as a distinct vitality shows outwardly:

  • Lustre in complexion
  • Sparkle in eyes
  • Clear and alert mind
  • Lively expression
  • Erect posture
  • Projection in voice
  • Pep in the step
  • Steady, deep relaxed breath
  • Sheen of hair
  • Optimistic attitude


The gift of nurturing the vital force within us is a release of the past, life in the present moment, and a transformation of our inner waste basket to the experience of joy, love, compassion and forgiveness. Easier said than done! Laura can help guide you on your path to recognize, welcome and strengthen your soul.