by Dr. Laura Brown
on 28 February 2017
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Heart Stores the Spirit

The Heart stores the Spirit. When the heart and the spirit are in harmony, one sleeps well, speaks kindly with compassion and their intentions and actions are shared, as the moment is right. This is so true. When I work with people to gain more resiliency or heart coherence, other things start to naturally fall into place in their life.

 Anxiety is a wrinkle between the spirit and the heart

If you are feeling anxious, have troubles sleeping or can’t seem to get your timing right, then your heart and spirit are out of sync.

by Dr. Laura Brown
on 10 January 2017
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Resolving to have more clarity of thought, speech and emotional composure?

Dr. Laura M. Brown, ND, a Certified HeartMath Practitioner,

provides a 5 week stress reduction program that will revolutionize the way you experience life.

by Dr. Laura Brown
on 11 December 2016
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Mustard pack for chest congestion


If you are coughing and feeling lousy, you may have bronchitis, a form of chest congestion. Bronchitis can be casued by a bacterial infection and it is possible to last 3-6 weeks. The bronchials are tubes from your respiratory tract down to your lungs. If they get infected, they fill up with mucus. Sometimes it is difficult to expel the mucus and it rattles around making your breath sound wheezy. 

Hot mustard powder, applied in a paste and over a cloth, can help warm up the area, loosen the mucus and make it easier to clear the bronchials. 

Recipe below