by Dr. Laura Brown
on 06 September 2016
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Did you know there are more bacteria in your body than human cells? Inside the gastrointestinal tract, there is a thin layer of cells separating you and a micro biome of bacteria and yeasts extremely essential to your health. The beneficial microbes in your gastro intestinal tract (gut) provide protective, structural and metabolic function. 

When the bacteria and yeasts in the gut, also sometimes referred to as “flora”, are imbalanced, it can not only leave you feeling gassy and bloated, it fails to provide the front line defense you need to prevent disease. 

by Dr. Laura Brown
on 19 February 2016
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Is Your Pooh Normal?

Did you ever consider looking at your own passing to get a sense for what’s going on in your body? It could be a telltale sign of your health.   If you have a child or a dog, you have to admit to looking at their pooh now and then to see how healthy they are. Too many treats, and they get the trots. Not enough water and they are straining to pass their movement.

Our bodies are ultimately a manufacturing facility… food, nutrients absorbed and waste out. What our stool (medical term for pooh) tells us about the state of our bodies can be very informative. Take the Bristol Stool Chart, shown below, for example. The seven types of stool can tell us a lot about what’s going on. Lovely you say? Well, it can speak volumes to a naturopathic doctor on what to do to help you uhm.. move on… so to speak.

Get the SCOOP on your POOP!