Family MD

Focus treament on…

Whole Person



7-8 years postsecondary      

University  + Naturopathic Medical College

7-8 years postsecondary

University + Medical College

How you pay

Employee benefits (via employer) & out of pocket

OHIP (via taxes) & out of pocket

Regulated Profession



Referral ability

Refer to family MD for other MD specialists. Direct for other healthcare providers

Direct referral to other MD specialists

Trained in Pharmaceuticals



Treatment & services

Frontline screening, Physical Assessment, Laboratory analysis, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Botanical Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Hydrotherapy, some have IV therapy.

Frontline screening, Physical Assessment, Laboratory analysis, Pharmaceutical prescriptions, referral to specialist, some have hospital priviledges and or specialties.



Being a Naturopathic Doctor is a lot like being an art conservator as we both:

  • admire and honour the art before us
  • determine the structural stability
  • address the problems of chemical and physical deterioration
  • perform corrective treatment based on the evaluation of aesthetic, historic and scientific characteristics


…and all applied work methods: 

  • must be gentle and provide the environmental conditions to prevent further damage
  • bear high levels of standards and performance.   

Naturopathic doctors are highly trained and have the privilege to invest their time in individualized care. Naturopathic medicine focuses on treating the whole person, not just the symptoms of disease.  

It's like one of Steven Covey's 7 successful habits… "with people fast is slow... and slow is fast". Treat the symptoms and you get fast but not always long lasting results because the illness pops up again in the same or different fashion...so it is slow to respond in the long run. Whereas when the time is invested to treat the person in whole, the system of well-being for lasting health is restored. 

We will work together to construct a plan that is right for you to achieve the results you wish.

For a chronic condition expect at least one month of treatment for every year you have had the condition. 

Established patients can simply pop in for acute concerns and receive prompt and effective care and advice. Acute concerns like cough, cold, flu, strains, sprains, rashes and common complaints often only take a short session to rule out any critical condition and provide steps for self guided care and natural prescriptions.  Laura however will return to the overarching reason as to why you are susceptible to recurring condition and will help direct you in the steps to establish long term health and wellness. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine with acupuncture generally requires at 1- 2 sessions before you begin to experience positive results and 6-8 sessions to establish long lasting balance and well-being. 

Homeopathic constitutional intake can be 1- 2 hours upfront and periodic check-ins every 6-8 weeks over the course of 6-9 months. 

Diet analysis with nutritional and lifestyle advice will usually take 1-3 sessions.