• Yoga and Ayurveda have been a part of life in India for over 5000 years.  The theory of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements theory influence the principles of medicine as far back as 1000BC. In the Orient, an attitude of promoting health has long been established. Taoists claim Eastern Medicine to provide the "art of radiant health".  Naturopathic healthcare follows laws and principles rooted in traditional systems practiced for thousands of years and substantiated in the modern Western evidenced based medicine.  Naturopathy recognizes that in order to achieve health, all aspects of an individual need to be considered.
  • Lao Tzu says:
  • To know people is to be wise,
  • To know oneself is to be illumined. 
  • To conquer others is to have strength,
  • To conquer oneself is to have true power.
  • To be content is to have great wealth,
  • To follow the Way devotedly is to fulfill all aims.
  • Then to die and not be lost is called "long life". 


Christoph Hufeland, a true example of a holistic physician and father of many of our nature cures credited agents of the vital power " which are capable of exciting, invigorating, and, in great probability, of affording subtle nourishment. These , in particular are heat, light, air, or rather oxygen; three celestial gifts, which with great propriety may be called the friend and guardian spirits of life".

Around the same time period, Samuel Hahnemann was so disillusioned with the state of medical practice of the time he stopped practicing and began translating old medical texts. In this, he discovered and later established the roots of homeopathy. Through numerous experiments conducted over several years, Hahnemann illustrated that any medicine will cure a particular disease if it is capable of producing symptoms in healthy individuals which are similar to the overall experience of a disease in one who is sick.   

Hippocrates (460-377 BC) is considered part of the historical movement of naturopathic medicine. Hippocrates believed "nature is the healer of all diseases" and that every practitioner "was to be skilled in Nature and must strive to know what man is in relation to food, drink, occupation, and what effect these have on him." Hippocrates also coined the ever essence of natural medicine - that the healer is within the body and we all possess the "vis medicatrix nature". It is this healing power of nature which naturopathic doctors strive to nurture and stimulate. 

Individual care and gentleness: Father Sebastian Kneipp recognizes that "Patients are too often treated in a stereotyped general fashion" and "far too little stress is laid on the peculiarities of each separate case." As far as Kneipp's My Water Cure is concerned, even local afflictions are treated by strengthening the patient's entire being. Kneipp is also part of the movement towards modern medicinal plant formulas for internal treatments. 

In 1847 the American Medical Association was formed and in 1867, the Canadian Medical Association became official. Medical professionals from different backgrounds all enjoyed a strong social acceptance and agreed to work cooperatively towards common professional goals. As the groups emerged, medical education squeezed out the traditional forms of natural medicine in favour of the newer disease-based medicines founded on the premise of the germ theory and the dawning of the pharmaceutical industry. 

During medieval times, Maimonides expressed the importance of providing conditions for natural health through diet, exercise and sound mental health.  He said that in spite of your caution and carefulness, you will not be able to prevent minor things from developing in the human body. For example.. be very careful not rush take a medication that is supposed to remove a minor ailment, because if you undertake to medicate these minor conditions, there are two possibilities: Either your act will be erroneous, the opposite of what nature intends, and you will lose and suffer injury, or your action will be correct and you will restore its natural function, but at the same time train your body to lag behind and to do the normal only with outside help.

By 1925, Naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, osteopaths, and all other drugless therapists are now regulated under the Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy. As of 2012, British Columbia and Alberta naturopathic doctors have transitioned to regulation under the Regulated Health Professions Act (2001) and have similar practicing rights as family practice medical doctors, including some pharmaceutical prescribing rights.  In 2007 the Naturopathy Act emerges to regulate the Ontario profession. Since this time, the Transition Council of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario manages the steps for Ontario naturopathic doctors to also be recognized under the RHPA. 

2014: A revolution for wellness swells globally and information is abundant on "Dr. Google". What is missing now is the how piece. People still need help to find what is best for them at this moment and how to implement it. Naturopathic physicians pride themselves in holistic individualized care based on the principles of natural healing and substantiate with the evidence of scientific medical research.